68th Reunion



A great time of renewing memories was had by all.

Pictures provided by Leona Wells, Bill Noroski and Marian Funk.


Lora Thompson Spence Welcoming the Classmates and Friends

at our 68th Year Class Reunion.


Bill Funk & Howard Maresch Really paying attention-

Bill & Jean Noroski, Rev John & Susan MacLeod 


Leona & Dr. Jay Wells,   They both look totally happy

What are they studing?

Marian Morgan Funk

Howard trying to open his cell phone while Nancy helps

Frank Novotny looking for his seat

Mike Novotnak explaining the details to Howard Maresch

Marian again

Mike Novotnak, our toastmaster

Howard and Nancy Durbin again

Chuck Thompson & Son John

Howard, Jody (Durbin) , Nancy and Marian

Kim Reed,      Lora's Finest

Marian, Nancy & Howard again

Marilyn & Dr Dennis Zabelsky, Leona's finest

Lora and Mike

Nancy Wanless Durbin & Marian Morgan Funk

Rev Dr John MacLeod & wife, Susan


Kim's Toast to the 49er's


Mary Lou Novotnak, Mike's better half

Norm Weise behind Lora's Center Piece

Rev John,  Mike and Dr Jay Wells  solving world problems

Bill Noroski all the way from New York, What a Nice Smile

Dr Jay Wells, III   Leona's boss

Cousins, Anne Howell O'Brien and Howard Caspar



Jean & Bill Noroski

Bill & Lois Funk


Bill Noroski and Norm Hinkle both from out of state

Dr Wells and wife Leona

Howard Maresch


Lois, Bill and Mike enjoying a laugh







Renewing Old Memories, Smooth Move


More Smooth Moves!!


Entertainer John Sarkis Singing Songs from 1950


Entertainer  with Jean Noroski


Leona, You Get Them Up and Start Dancing


Howard Maresch Says "Go Ahead Dance, I'm Sitting Down!".


Judging the Dance Competition


Jay Says, "You have to be a 49er to do That!"


We Still Have It!


Marilyn Kicks While We Watch !!


Look at the 49er's Moves!


The Zabelsky's swinging with  Marian


We Have a Winner

Moms show daughters how it's done!


Susan says "I used to do that" 


Dennis Making Points With His Mother-In-Law

Howard says, "No matter what they say Mike, this is how it is!"


Committee VIP's


Going over the script


Mike joking with Bill's Better half, Jean Noroski


Frank saying "I give up, you win"


Happy Three-some, Nancy, Howard and Jean


Rev MacLeod giving Leona some advice


We all got one, Norms picks his cash door prize


Susan picking a big winner


Lora picks a lucky one


Jay get all that are left!!!


Marian, where did everbody go?  Powder Room or taking a Nap?


Memorial Board, where  none of us wants our picture !

Thank You Leona, Bill and Marian for all the Pictures